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Examination types

There are 3 types of examination:

  1. theoretical
  2. polysomnography practical
  3. polygraphy practical

Examination Content

  • A. theoretical examination:
    2 questions – one general and one specialist (see below)
  • B. practical examination:
    polysomnography score and supplementary questions according to the commission or polygraphy score and supplementary questions according to the commission
  • C. test:
    (20 questions, answers - none to all correct, length of test: 30 minutes maximum)

Questions about the sleep medicine knowledge examinations:

Questions – Sleep-Wake Disorders [CZ]

Additional Information

Examination dates are listed by the information committee on the website:

  • Theoretical examination dates in the first half of the year
  • Practical examination dates in the second half of the year

The condition for passing the theoretical exam is the successful completion of the test.

3 attempts are always allowed to successfully pass the test (70% correct answers), theoretical exams, practical polysomnography or practical polygraphy. In case of repeated failure, a replacement date may be made for CZK 5,000, eventually paying an extra CZK 15,000 for a complete cycle, complete with the course. Corrective tests take place after one year.